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Since 2021, we have deeply thought about world-wide 3D Tissue chips from Korea.

We keep the project 'Infrastructure project for Validation and Commercialization Support for 3D Tissue Chips (MPS)'

assigned by MOTIE.

This project is conducted with CBNUH(Chungbuk National University Hospital) as the lead institution, 

in collaboration with SNUH(Bundang Seoul National University Hospital), KRICT(Korea research Institute of Chemical Technology), KIST(Korea Institute of Science and Technology), and KBIO health.


Through the establishment of the OK-MPS Validation Center,

our goal is to build infrastructure for the validation of the performance and technological elements of 3D bio-tissue chips (MPS), standardize SOPs and guidelines, and create an ecosystem. 

Ultimately, we aim to support the commercialization of domestic research and development outcomes, 

contributing to the advancement of drug development, precision medicine, and the establishment of Korea

 as a leading bio-health nation on the global stage.

Furthermore, by establishing a systematic human resource development system

 linked with the bio-infrastructure within the OSONG Biovally, 

we seek to secure specialized professionals, 

lay the foundation for entry into the global market, 

and contribute to the national vision of activating the bio-ecosystem in Korea.

 OK-MPS Validation Center will strive to realize the vision of Korea becoming a global bio-health powerhouse,

 leading the research, development, and commercialization of 3D bio-tissue chips (MPS) in Korea.

Thank you.

Sang hoon Cha


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